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What does the billing status mean for sales transactions and which ones are there?

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The billing status is specifically relevant for sales promotions for telecommunications providers such as 1&1, Vodafone etc.. These providers usually provide daily, weekly or monthly data on the contract status, e.g. of a mobile phone contract. This data can be imported into EMPPLAN and transferred fully automatically to the billing process.

In EMPPLAN, such projects are preferably billed to the promoters via the EMPPLAN billing module using credit notes.

The following billing statuses are available:

  • Not billable means that the telecommunications provider has canceled the contract.
  • Not billable, ready to cancel means that the telecommunications provider has canceled the contract, the amount has already been credited to the promoter, but this will be corrected when the promoter receives the next credit note.
  • Ready for billing means that the contract has been reported but no status has yet been received from the telecommunications provider.
  • Verified and ready for credit note means that the order number has already been confirmed by the telecommunications provider, but the agency has not yet issued a credit note for the item.
  • Invoiced means that the commission has already been credited to the promoter