Who we are and what we do

Our vision

As a provider of promotion, field service and field service management software, we want to be pioneers and set benchmarks.

Our mission

We want to help people in sales to do their job a little better every day. EMPPLAN is designed to make working life easier for everyone involved – whether in the field, in the office, for customers or clients.

Since the first version of EMPPLAN in 2011, we have been working with our industrial, commercial and agency customers to constantly adapt our solution to the ever-changing market conditions and requirements. To achieve this, we strive to learn something new every day and are constantly analyzing processes and data. This means we are always up to date and flexible. New features and innovations are regularly added to support our customers even more in sales.

To date, over 100 renowned brands have already opted for EMPPLAN. Several hundred million euros in sales have been mapped and thousands of contacts have been generated, merchandizing and field service assignments, tastings and other promotions have been carried out.

EMPPLAN already operates in over 20 countries and is available in more than 25 languages.