Use our intuitive communication tools
to get in touch with all users easily and directly


The EMPPLAN Messenger is the communication center in EMPPLAN. Users can communicate efficiently with each other here. In this way, business communication can be clearly distinguished from private messengers.

Benefit from live communication with all the advantages of a business environment:

Push notifications for new messages – even when the EMPPLAN APP is closed

Read-only channel function for pure one-way communication

Open channels for last-minute jobs, discussions and voting for admins visible read receipts for each message

Interaction options at message level: event users can respond to messages via private message to admins and thus quickly open new channels

Interaction options at event level: event users can write directly to location contacts and admins

No private channels among event users: As an admin, you decide which channels are created. This keeps Messenger free from private use.

Document, image and video display directly in Messenger: pdfs, images or youtube videos can be opened directly in Messenger


The inbox displays all information relevant to you that has been sent to you by e-mail in EMPPLAN. You can also view updates on status changes to your events here.


With channels, you can organize your topics and recipient groups perfectly. New messages are always delivered in real time, including push notifications, no matter which end device is used. Here are some examples of channels:

You create a project-specific channel. All relevant project members (e.g. promoters) are informed about news efficiently and quickly. If required, you can switch on the read-only function.

You create a channel with just one recipient – a classic chat.

A customer or sales representative creates a channel with the project manager in an event group – the event group is automatically linked.

A promoter creates a channel within his event for a query – The event is automatically linked.