EMPPLAN features

Base functionality
Premium features

Core features

One-time & series events for field service management, promotions & sales processes
Area events (trips) for self-managed location visits
Workforce management
Client dashboards & Client triggered event inquiries
Multi language- and currency support
25+ languages implemented already
Mobile App for event users (offline-capable)

Mobile App

Mobile App for event users
e.g. Promoters, Merchandiser, Salesmen, Field force
Offline data access & record report data offline
Custom modules & business processes

upon request


Manual add, drag'n drop & import events
Event status management
Event & event group labels to achive custom process flows
Multi brand events
Live booking views
e.g. Calendar view, Table style
Live user tracking
Live reporting
Field Agent Live Location Tracking
Time off
Event types (Work types management)
Route optimizazion for Area events (Trips)
pending feature
Fraud detection by GPS and media meta data
Event sale target management

Working together with Clients

Client event requests
Client booking calendar
Client dashboards
Client reports
Client limitations by brand, channel and area
Client event status limitiations


Custom & bulk emails
EMPPLAN Messenger
WhatsApp integration
pending feature
Browser notifications
Email notifications

Product management

Product groups
Products, Services & Expenses
Location products (Focus product availablility in locations)

upon request
Media gallery
Product provisions & special provisions
Target provisions
pending feature
Custom fields
Inventory management
  User-based inventory
  Warehouse-based inventory
  Automated bookings for transactions
  Booking history
Third party product & inventory integration

upon request

User management

Advanced filters
Notes & custom fields
Organization in teams
Employee management by skills & qualifications
Entry of tax data & management of official documents
File management
Legal history
User types
  Backoffice users (e.g. Admins, Accounting, Booking)
  Event users (Promoters, Merchandiser, Salesmen, Field force)
  Client users
  Location contacts
  Location users
User rights
  Unlimted rights for each user type to fit your needs
Third party product & inventory integration

upon request

Accounting & Payment

Invoice positions summarized per event
Credit notes
Multiple Currencies
Market-specific VAT Tax management
Project-, target- and product-based provision management
Cost center integration on product, services, expense & project level
Third party data integration

upon request

Report management

Drag'n Drop Report designer
Custom field management
Visibility conditions for fields
All relevant field types included
Standard reports (extract only)
  Transactions / Sellouts
  e.g. contract / sales documentation
  Event reports
  e.g. promotion, sales or job reports
  Event group reports
  e.g. notes, client / location agreements
  e.g. expenses documentation / accounting
  Product reports
  e.g. location visit reports, facing optimizations, talon sales
Custom reports

upon request


Client KPI dashboard
Recruiting dashboard
Client budget management dashboard
Booking & workforce management dashboards

Location management

Google Places integration
Industry standard on location management
Multi area & channel association
Country & market management
Custom fields
Product groups association
Product availablility in location
Location contact users association
Location users association
Inventory management
Media gallery
Location public meta data
e.g. opening hours

Projekt management

Project-specific client dashboards
Client limitations
Client budget management
Project & briefing documents media gallery
Event flow management
Project payment profiles
Project locations management
Project users management
Project based Sedcard websites

Data administration & APIs

File & Data storage
unlimited records
3 GB included
unlimited records
3 GB included, pay-per-use for additional storage
Project-specific scheduled data clean up
Customizable exports for all relevant data types

e.g. .xls, .csv, .json

e.g. .xls, .csv, .json
Translation management
Guided imports
  e.g. fsm jobs, promotion jobs, location visits
  Locations, Areas & Channels
  Products & Services
  Transaction status incl. order id and product od verification
  e.g. contract status of third-party for reported sales
Connector & plugin management
  Amazon S3 plugin
  SAP Cloud plugins
  DATEV plugins
  General export plugins
  General import plugins
Any other third party integration

upon request

Security & Privacy

GDPR Compliance
BSI:ISO-27001 certified data center in Germany
Security audits

upon request
Pen tests

upon request