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EMPPLAN is always open to new ideas

Interfaces that make your everyday life easier

EMPPLAN is an open system for partners & services that make your everyday life easier.

If you use EMPPLAN Promoter Accounting for efficient accounting of your employees, you can export your remittance slips digitally. So you can pay hundreds of bills with just one click.

Are you using EMPPLAN mobile or IP telephony? All telephone numbers are always directly dialable in EMPPLAN. So you can use EMPPLAN like an address book.

EMPPLAN is based on state-of-the-art software architecture. An API for connecting other systems is in the genes of EMPPLAN and can be addressed as required.

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Benefit from the integration of Google Places and Google Maps. Search and find your Point of Sale or Event Locations in a few seconds and get address data and opening hours directly from Google. So you can create your event locations with just a few clicks. There are no annoying updates, as all data is always kept up to date via the Google connection.

EMPPLAN enables site-specific tracking of your bets. This allows you to see exactly whether all event locations are always occupied.

EMPPLAN understands your data

Import and export any data to stay up to date.

Export your successes to your events with just one click. Benefit from custom export profiles and a native Microsoft Excel export standard.

You still work with other data sources? Import employees, promoters, customers and POS users with one click.

Import applicant data from job portals into your EMPPLAN Promoter database with just one click.

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Promotion Software API

The promotion software EMPPLAN is based on recognized standards and an open approach to other interfaces. No matter which promotion job platform or ERP system you use: EMPPLAN integrates perfectly into any environment.

Even switching from another promotion software is no problem for EMPPLAN. We are happy to migrate your data quickly and efficiently.