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What options are there for fraud prevention in sales promotions and other types of promotion?

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EMPPLAN supports you in quickly detecting or even directly preventing fraudulent reporting and event execution. Different measures and levels can be distinguished.

1. The event history

In EMPPLAN, you can check at any time who did what and when at an event (day of operation). Every change in status is automatically logged and saved. This makes it possible, for example, to track when and from where an internal or external employee, sales representative or promoter worked on an event.

2. Check-in & check-out control

The employees who provide the event can check in and out at the event, for example. This is used on the one hand for time recording, but also for tracking. Time stamps, IP addresses and, on a voluntary basis, GPS location data are recorded, which can be called up via Google Maps with a click. Depending on the project configuration, industry requirements and agency or project framework agreement, mandatory location sharing can also be set. Perimeter tracking can also be configured so that, for example, check-in is only possible within a definable radius around the deployment location.

3. Fraud prevention through internal data validation

Do you want to avoid incorrect data entries by your employees? Then store a field-specific validation in EMPPLAN, which ensures that no incorrect data can be entered when entering the reporting. For example, an order number for a transaction (product reporting) can be checked for its length and content when it is entered and a certain form specification can be stored, e.g. A-2020-####

4. Fraud prevention through external data validation (API)

EMPPLAN also offers you the option of connecting a third-party provider or an external API using an EMPPLAN Connector. This gives you the option of validating specific fields using an external data source. The whole process can be carried out live or in a so-called batch process downstream and on a regular basis. Are you aware of the possibility of automatic validation before you look at all the data yourself?

5. Fraud prevention through document upload and automated processing (OCR)

Does your sales team receive an evaluation of daily sales successes from a store (location)? These documents can be stored in EMPPLAN for validation. EMPPLAN can then automatically recognize them and calculate a fraud probability with which the data can be pre-validated. This process gets better and better with each new document, as the underlying database technology uses self-learning algorithms and is constantly self-optimizing.

6. Fraud prevention through EMPPLAN AI forecasting (self-learning neural network incl. forecasting function)

Using innovative database technologies and algorithms, EMPPLAN can calculate probabilities based on existing time series, such as sales from previous years, and then make forecasts as to which sales figures can be expected on which days and in which locations. This forecasting function can also be used to prevent fraud. Please note, however, that this feature can only deliver valid results with large amounts of data (big data).