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What do I do if there is a synchronization error in the EMPPLAN APP?

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The EMPPLAN APP shows you an error during synchronization? This is how you proceed:

  1. Please check your data connection first and click on the synchronization icon at the top right of the EMPPLAN APP again.
  2. Did everything work? Perfect, then you can continue working as usual. If the error occurs again, please send the logs to the e-mail address shown. Then please follow the steps below.

If it is not due to the data connection, please carry out the following steps:

  1. Please try to log out and log in again. Before logging out, the EMPPLAN APP will perform another synchronization. If this also fails, logout is not possible without further ado. Please follow the next step.
  2. Open the EMPPLAN APP settings. You will find the menu item in the main menu.
  3. Delete all local data by clicking on the DELETE EVERYTHING button. You will then be logged out automatically. Please only carry out this step if you are sure that the data connection is not the problem. Otherwise data may be lost. However, this only affects data, e.g. individual report details, images etc., that could not be synchronized before.
  4. Log in again and check the data status of your events under My events in the In progress tab. If necessary, add any missing data.
  5. Now you can get back to work!